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Virtual Tourism increases footfall at physical locations by 33%*

*Research based on outcomes of immersive technology projects 

In simple terms, virtual tourism is where all or some aspects of an experience for visitors take place with digital technology and the real world combined together, such as an Augmented Reality experience where you see the contrast of a city from present day to how it was 100 years ago.

Where the experience is in a virtual 3D space, usually with you appearing as an avatar or using a VR headset (though these are optional), such as an immersive tour of the Titanic, we say this fully 3D immersive experience is part of the Metaverse.

These tools are proven by research to increase physical footfall by 33% with 26% of existing visitors wanting immersive experiences as part of their trip.*



What is the Metaverse? We think its a shiny title for a new interactive 3D based evolution of the internet. 


Below  is a virtual experience created to entice people to visit Benidorm in Spain.

We have immersive platforms that will allow you to build similar experiences for your clients or as a powerful interactive educational tool.

*Data from Scottish National Tourism Conference in 2021

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