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Rethink your business processes and visitor experiences to increase revenue!

Have you broken down your visitor experiences into storyboards, steps and processes?

Business Analysis techniques can help identify efficiencies, fit new offerings into the visitor UX flow and help curate new experiences at your attraction.

We are experts at this. With partners that have added value of over $500 Million to businesses just like yours, we are in prime position to offer you business process transfomration services! 

An Example

A West Coast of Scotland visitor attraction came to us to ask for AR/VR storytelling as part of a tour of a living museum. This tour had to be optional and for those who choose it, offer pathways of discovery that makes each visit different.

We used storyboarding and analysis of the current UX flow to pin point where in the visit experience the new technology would fit and broke the new experience into five keys stages: Entering, Selecting, Experiencing, Individual Choices, Exiting.

Through this process, the attraction was able to curate an exciting and fit for purpose, popular virtual/AR gamified experience.

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