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Our Mission

At our innovation bunker, somewhere in the Angus Glens, among the sheep and coo´s, we're all about turning innovation into a carnival of digital wonders! Dive into the thrill of accessing immersive technologies that not only up your tech game but also sprinkle extra magic on what you already love. And the best part? We keep it all budget-friendly because who says fun has to cost a fortune? Let's embark on a journey where tech meets joy without leaving your wallet in tears! 

The changing internet

The general consensus is the internet is changing from a 2D "distanced" experience of looking and clicking to a 3D "immersive" one where the opportunity exists for a more dynamic, productive and social experience.

And we agree, The Metaverse is just another way of saying, the future internet.

Join the party as the internet evolves into a 3D, social, immersive wonderland

In this shiny, new digital playground, attractions aren't just places; they're experiences, curated wonders, and event hosts with a flair for avatar fashion! It's like a digital disco, and guess what? The dance floor is open for new revenue streams that are as fresh as a wizard's spell.

Now, here's the drumroll-worthy stat: Did you know that a whopping 78% of data analysts believe the Metaverse isn't just a trend; it's a game-changer? Picture that – it's not just us being excited; the numbers are throwing a virtual confetti party!

Why are we so hyped? Well, not only does the Metaverse let history strut its stuff in creative new ways, but it's also a superhero cape for accessibility. Imagine a world where everyone, regardless of ability, can join the party! 🎊

So, buckle up your avatar wearables and get ready for a ride where history is a DJ, and inclusivity is the VIP pass. It's not just a digital age; it's a digital celebration!

Revolutionizing Affordability: Your Business, Your Terms! 🚀

Let's face it, diving into the world of emerging and immersive technologies can feel like trying to catch a Golden Snitch – elusive and potentially wallet-draining. In a universe where a top-tier website can set you back a whopping £25,000 and the magical extras like apps, VR curations, and project management play in the same financial Quidditch league, it's no wonder most businesses are left waving a Muggle-sized budget goodbye.

🧙 Practical Magic for Real-World Economics!

Enter Etive, your financial Patronus in the challenging economic climate we're navigating. We get it – shelling out a small fortune isn't the spell you're looking to cast. That's why we've brewed up a subscription model that's as magical as it is practical.

💸 Subscription Magic Unleashed!

The concept is as simple as casting a Levitation Charm – one monthly/annual fee unlocks a treasure trove of services to transform your business or school. Annual fees? Brace yourself, they're as steady as a Hippogriff in flight – never changing, ever. What you pay on day one is your price forever. No surprises, just certainty in a world where inflation and cost hikes are as common as a wizard with a wand.

🏆 MVCs: Because You're Worth It!

Become one of our Most Valued Customers (MVCs) with an annual subscription, and you're not just getting a service – you're getting a VIP ticket to affordability. Lock in your day-one price, bask in the glory of award-winning immersive technology staff, industry-leading

partnerships, and experience in both School IT/Education and Tourism

💡 Monthly Flexibility, No Magic Tricks!

Monthly fees might do a little dance over time, but they're still more charmingly affordable than hiring a team of magical beings or paying separately for services. All the listed enchantments are at your beck and call, and here's the kicker – you can have any two projects active at once. Finish one and craving more? No problemo – that's still two projects, all part of the magical subscription deal!

🌍 Crafting Services Fit for Wizards and Muggles Alike!

For Tourism Organizations, your personalized spellbook is right this way: Services for Tourism

For Schools, your magical curriculum awaits: Services for Schools

Ready to sprinkle some Etive magic into your business? Let the transformation begin! ✨

Dollar Notes

Cost effective digital transformation magic

Future Glitch

Future-Proofing Fun: Tackling Challenges with a Splash of Immersive Wizardry!

🌟 Innovation Unleashed: Solutions that Work Like Magic! 🚀

In the enchanted realm of Etive, problems don't stand a chance – we tackle challenges with the finesse of a spellbinding wizard. Attractions come to us with puzzles and aspirations, and guess what? We're in the business of not just providing solutions but crafting magical transformations.

✨ Where Reality Meets Magic: The Mixed Reality Economy!

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary – our digital experiences don't just increase foot traffic and memory retention; they're a journey into the mixed reality economy. We've witnessed the magic firsthand, not because we read about it in some dusty tome, but because we've seen it unfold where the digital seamlessly intertwines with the real.

🌐 Double the Magic: Education and Tourism, Hand in Wand!

Why limit the enchantment to just one realm? Immersive technology isn't just a trick up our sleeves for tourism; it's a spellbook we gladly open for schools too. We're not just passionate about creating immersive experiences; we're on a mission to foster creativity in the young minds of Web 3.0. Let's turn classrooms into realms of possibility!

📈 Increase Footfall by 20%, Super charge your revenue: It's Not Just Magic, It's Method!

Immersive technology isn't a mere spectacle – it's a powerhouse. We've seen footfall triple and revenue dance a merry jig. But fear not, we don't just wave our wands; we begin like any conventional business. Understanding your needs, evaluating customer desires, and weaving it all into a solution tested and approved by the wizards of your business.

💻 Digitize and Conquer: Your Presence, Your Power!

Join us on a quest for a digital presence that reaps clear benefits. McKinsey foresees virtual tourism becoming a $20 billion treasure by 2030, and we're your magical key to unlocking a piece of that fortune. We don't just talk the talk; we provide the support, training, skills, and experience for your attraction to claim its share of the digital realm.

🌍 A Digital Gateway: Your Attraction, Explored and Adored!

Picture this: a digital gateway for tourism where eager users are ready to explore your attraction, conjuring extra revenue for your business. We're not just building it; we're weaving the spells to make it a reality.

Ready to transform your reality into a digital wonderland? Let's make your attraction the next star in our magical constellation! ✨


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