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Below are frequently asked questions related to our subscription services

Q: What is included in your free trial?

A: Sizing us up or trying us out eh? We offer one of any of the following during the free trial. 

1) A workshop of your choice

2) An analysis of your visitor experience with report on where immersive technology can support you

3) Consultancy to solve any problem you may currently have

4) We are open to you telling us what you want during the trial. As scary as that is, if its reasonable we will do it.



Q: How does the annual subscription "no price change ever" offer work?

A: Its simple, whatever annual fee you subscribe at on day one will remain your fee permanently, regardless of size of organisation.

Q: The annual fee I paid last year is no longer the price shown on the website, what happens to my subscription?

A: Regardless of whether we increase  prices for future customers or not you would still pay the fee you subscribed to on day one. We mean what it says!

Q: I prefer to pay monthly for flexibility, will my subscription change over time?

A: Yes, we do not lock in monthly subscriptions. These are subject to change at all times.

Q: Can you explain "any two projects at any one time" so I understand what this means?

A: Sure, it means that on any given day in the calendar, you can have two active projects as part of your subscription. For example, you subscribe in July and decide to get a new website developed with us and a strategic review of the visitor experience. These two activities count as the two allowed at any one time. We complete the website, meaning only the strategic review is active. This allows you to request another service. You can have as many services as you like, but only two at any one time. Depending on the complexity or variation in your needs, you could complete 6 to 8 projects in a year which would be outstanding value for money.

Q: What is the turnaround time for a project? 

A: Fast, its what we are here for! It is going to depend on the service and the complexity of the requirements, however, it can be within hours, days and rarely, a few weeks. We work quickly to iterate a v1 of your solution that can be edited from there.

Q: You mention for VR and AR projects only a pilot is included in the subscription, what is a "pilot" and what does it contain?

A: A pilot, sometimes known as "proof of concept" is a small scale trial and evaluation that generally then leads to a full scale implementation afterwards, if desired. You can create one pilot VR and one pilot

AR project each year with your subscription. You are not obligated if you decide to go forward for a full implementation to do that with us, but if you do, expect the same incredible value for money.

Q: What payment methods do you offer?

A: Online Credit/Debit, Paypal and Bank Transfer. Bank details are on the plans and pricing page on the website.


We can also accept cryptocurrency via an online payments gateway (we receive GBP you pay with Crypto) or to our crypto wallet as well, though this is rarely, if ever, requested. In particular, we accept ETH, ENJ, ALBA, USDC, USDT.

If you have interest in using a crypto service, please contact us. We only support this with prior arrangement and approriate documentation for the FCA in the UK.

Q: Do you work onsite or remotely with clients?

A: This depends on the stage of the project and the nature of the work but we generally work remotely with on site visits at certain stages of the project. You can contact us any time via phone or email when we are not on site. 

Q: I want to cancel my subscription(s) how do I do this?

A: Subscriptions are set to auto renew for your convienience. If you do want to stop the subscription, you can cancel it any time in your account area on the website. 

Q: We had a subscription in 2021 and would like to do so again, is our subscription fee from 2021 locked in and if not what would the payment be?

A: Yes. A new annual subscription request 2 years later with a gap is still the same price you paid day one, as thats the offer. Monthly subscription will vary, annual will be honoured.

Q: How many people are in your team and what skills and experience do they have?

A: We have four full time partners in the business. We each bring a wealth of skills including expertise in AR, VR, Immersive Experiences, Digital Twinning, Innovation, Data Management, Strategic Management, Web Design, Teaching and Training, Networks and Systems (one CCNA qualified) and cyber security. We generally complete projects ourselves which is how we keep prices competitive. We have between us four awards and over $500 million in increased revenue generated for businesses.

Q: Do you accept clients only in UK and Ireland or do you work globally?

A: We work with a wide variety of UK and overseas clients,  based anywhere from Mexico to Melbourne. We also have Spanish language fluency on staff as well.

Q: What if part way through the month or year I decide to end my subscription, do you offer refunds?

A: All subscriptions are paid in advance. We do not offer refunds on monthly subscriptions but clients are free to choose to use the subscription as much or as little as you like during the month before it ends and the cancellation takes effect.


For annual subscriptions, we offer refunds on the following basis:

  • Cancelled within 48 Hours: Full Refund

  • Cancelled from 48 Hours-7 Days: 50% refund of annual subscription

  • Cancelled after 7 days: 25% refund of remaining days on your annual subscription.

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